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We offer а complete range of services:

In each section you'll find detailed information on the service and on our experience in this field.

Simultaneous Interpreting

What is it?

Simultaneous Interpreting is furnished simultaneously with the speaker into the headphones of the audience. Special simultaneous equipment is required. Interpreting is done in a specially equipped booth by two interpreters working in 20-30 minutes shifts. Simultaneous interpreting is usually furnished at seminars, conferences and other VIP events.

Professional Service

We are very proud of having been appointed the official translation agency for the visit of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh to Russia. ICC - the organiser of the International Computer Forum has called our service the most professional among those providing simultaneous support. They were not the only ones to assert the exclusiveness and professionalism of simultaneous interpreting delivered by our team.

At Your Service

We provide our clients with a team of project-managers to oversee their projects. Before the event our manager will contact the client to obtain materials on the presentation. These will be then given to the interpreters for preliminary acquaintance. Should you wish so, at the event our manager will assist you to check the equipment, make sure interpreters have the speech materials and check the interpreter's work.

Simultaneous Rates (2 interpreters)
(less than 4 hrs)
US$ 930
Full Day
(4 to 8 hrs)
US$ 1600

Simultaneous equipment can be supplied and mounted at separate cost. Discounts are applicable depending on duration of event.

Consecutive Interpreting

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive translation is performed by a single interpreter sequentially with the speaker, In this case the interpreter is translates the speech part by part, dividing it into logical parts or sentences. Depending on the difficulty and importance of the event we categorise consecutive interpreting into:

  • Business talks - business, commercial and technical knowledge in a particular field, experience with similar work;
  • Presentations and VIP support - exclusive interpreters with extensive experience in the required field, presenting and audience-handling skills

Professional Team

We have one of the most exclusive and professional teams, comprising over three hundred interpreters and translators. Our people have extensive experience in business, economic and political translations for various Western and Russian companies and organisations.

Special Teams

Our company can tailor special teams of interpreters for delegations, groups of businessmen and politicians to meet their own specific needs in the best way possible. For example, we have the experience of creating Interpreting Teams to work with oil companies at exploration sites.

Consecutive Rates
(less than 4 hrs)
Full Day
(4 to 8 hrs)
Business talks
Presentations & VIP
US$ 450
US$ 475
US$ 750
US$ 800

An extra charge of 25% is applied for every hour of overtime work (before 9:00 am, after 6:00 pm and weekends)

Written Translations

Quality Service

All written translations pass through a comprehensive control procedure which includes proof-reading by a native speaker to complement professional skills of our translators. Where technical or specific terminology is present we involve specialists in respective fields of knowledge to proof the text.

Free Services

With any written translation, we offer fee pick-up and delivery anywhere in Moscow and a free copy of the translation on computer disk!

Translation Rates:

DIN A4 (30 Lines - 1800 ASCII Characters)
Regular US$ 22
Urgent* US$ 27

*For URGENT translations the price may vary and has to be negotiated separately depending on the difficulty of the document. URGENT is considered any translation of more than 10 pages done in less than 36 hours from pick-up to delivery.

Additional Services

  • Urgency up to 24 hours for documents of 30 pages; up to 12 hours for documents of 15 pages
  • Notary services (US$50 per document)
  • Localisation services (user guides and manuals)
  • Desktop publishing and layout
  • Photocopying and binding
  • Image processing and scanning
  • Glossaries and dictionaries
  • HTML coding, Web-design and Internet publishing
  • Bi-lingual documents
  • Pre-press and publishing services

We are open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Tel.: +7 495 690 9697, +7 495 937 0281 | E-mail: info@aardvark.ru